A web server for the identification and profiling of domains and epitopes from Phage Display and Next Generation Sequencing data.

InteractomeSeq is a web server allowing domainome data analysis from either Eukaryotic or Prokaryotic genomic phage libraries generated and selected by following an interactome-sequencing approach. InteractomeSeq allows users to upload raw-sequencing data and to easily obtain an accurate characterization of domainome/epitome profiles after setting the parameters required to tune the analysis procedure.

The use of InteractomeSeq is completely free and without registration.


In order to explore the functionalities of InteractomeSeq, here you find two examples. Click the button () to download a complete set of input files to run the examples; click () to see the results of already executed runs. For more details see Help.
Helicobacter pylori Tutorial Input Files Executions
Hp 26695 (Prokaryote)
Homo sapiens Tutorial Input Files Executions
RnaBindProt (Eukaryote)
RIDome (Eukaryote)